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Sage 200 Add-on Modules

Excel Journal Entry Module

The Sage 200 Excel Journal Entry Module is an Excel template that connects to Sage. Using Sage’s data it allows you to insert journals into Sage 200. The routine mimics functionality Sage already has, but goes one better as it also lets you save it and possibly run it again as well as letting you use all of the standard functionality of an Excel spreadsheet.

Sage 200 Excel Journal Entry Module


  • Import journals created in Excel straight into Sage 200
  • Search the Nominal Ledger quickly and select a single or multiple nominal codes.
  • Drop down lists for nominal codes and tax codes for greater accuracy.
  • Allows you to do reverse entries or recurring entries.
  • Multi-user licensing means buying once allows multiple users to create journals.
  • In ‘simple’ mode the assistance forms no longer show, allowing users to past information directly into the spreadsheet.


  • Avoids errors as only valid journals can be created.
  • Keep costs down as single purchase covers multiple users.
  • Speeds up processing.
  • Simple to use as it mirrors Sage functionality.


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